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In the Caribbean there are many activities to do, here we suggest a few:

Canopy Tour

Canopy (Zipline Tour)

Experience the richness and diversity of the jungle close-up from this adventure that lets you experience nature close-up. This canopy adventure has 9 aerial platforms and 14 on land with a total of 2560 meters of cable. Glide through the jungle on a zipline for a bird’s eye view of the jungle.


Snorkel and Hiking at Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park features the largest coral reefs in Southern Central America as well as great hiking trails with lots of wildlife. This trip combines a boat ride, snorkeling and hiking. First is a ride in a boat to Punta Cahuita.  Once at the point, you can put on snorkel gear to explore first hand the “under water tropical forest”. You will then land for a guided rainforest hike, with comprehensive information on this particular area. Monkeys, sloths, several reptiles, frogs and beautiful insects are common sights.


Manzanillo Rainforest Hike

At the southeast corner of Costa Rica lies the unspoiled Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, stretching to the border of Panama. Home to monkeys, sloths, a great variety of birds and much more; the area is rich with wildlife. It is also spectacularly scenic with cliffs and hidden beaches along the water. You can choose to meet your local nature guide in Manzanillo town or we can pick you up at your hotel. Your guide will take you on a hike where you will learn much about the rainforest and its inhabitants and see its hidden wonders which take a trained eye to spot.


River and Sea Kayaking with Rainforest Hike

We will drive to the most beautiful location in the area, Punta Uva. This trip consists of three sections. After a safety briefing we will first embark in a magical sea kayaking journey paralleling a coast full of cliffs, caves, and the most amazing rainforest. Then we will paddle our way up river through the gorgeous rainforest where you can expect to spot monkeys, sloths, colorful birds, river turtles, bats and iguanas. Your professional guide will deliver a lot of interesting insights to this wonderful eco system. Back at the beach we will take a nice break to relax, swim and enjoy some nicely presented fresh fruit and snacks before hiking to the great overview at Grape Point.


Sloth Santuary, Chocolate House and Waterfall

This trip combines three of our most popular activities: a visit to the Sloth Sanctuary and Rescue Centre, a visit to an indigenous family that shows you how they make chocolate right from the Cacao trees in their yard and a visit to a local waterfall and swimming hole. The Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary is a recovery project that rescues injured and orphaned sloths and your visit there will give you a first hand learning experience about these amazing creatures; a lecture will be given followed by an interaction time with Buttercup and the other sloths.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Some of the species you could see in this area are the Red-capped Manikin, crested owl, the olive throated parakeet; pale vented pigeon, masked tityra, Collared Aracari, slaty ant shrike, keel-billed and chestnut-mandibled Toucan, Magnificent Frigate-bird, common black hawk, passerini’s tanager, and the black-cowled oriole, among others.


Turtle Watching

The leatherback turtle is the biggest turtle in the world; it can be as large as 2 meters long and weight over 650 kg. We will have an unforgettable night walk along the Gandoca Beach; You will observe these females in the important work of laying eggs and at the same time you will learn important things about the natural history of these special animals in danger of extinction. Help us to protect sea turtles!

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Our scuba trips have full access to Costa Rica’s only pristine coral reef ecosystem. 50 miles from the nearest city and largely unexplored, our barrier reef stretches from the town of Puerto Viejo to the Panamanian border and offers you more than 25 fixed dive locations ranging from shallow coral gardens to deep, fringing reefs and vertical walls dropping to over 140 feet! We invite you to discover this underwater wildlife.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

You pick up your guide and horse at Playa Negra (Puerto Viejo) and we take you on a guided ride at the local beaches or jungle.


Fishing Expeditions

Our experienced captain will take you and your friends on an unforgettable day on the Caribbean Sea with the chance at some amazing catches! We have half day trips for fish such as Tarpon, King Mackerel or Red Snapper and full-day deep sea trips for Tuna, Maui Maui and other big game fish.

Indigenous Reserve

Indigenous Reserve

The guide will pick you up in front of your hotel to depart by car towards the Bri Bri reservation. We will start a hike that will take you to a virgin jungle, with a waterfall where you can swim and enjoy a natural Jacuzzi.
Afterwards we will go to Uatsi, where you will visit a rancho Bri Bri, a medical plant garden and will have the possibility to learn more about the customs and handcrafts of this tribe.
At last we´ll stop at an Iguana farm, in the Kekoldi Indian Reserve.


Whitewater Rafting / River Trips

This trip gives you the ultimate blend of wilderness exposure and invigorating excitement. The Pacuare River is world famous for its pristine beauty. A true river gorge, it is flanked by steep, green walls. Waterfalls cascade into the river from both sides as colorful, tropical birds fly right over your head. Amazing views of this virgin Tropical Rainforest appear before your eyes as you descend this true exploratory land. Includes transport to/from Puerto Viejo from/to San Jose or Arenal if necessary.

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